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When I brought the photo and the (cat’s paw) nail puller to my Primary Care Physician, I explained what happened and showed her photos and the nail-puller. She was so sweet; we shared our faith; she seemed genuinely concerned.

She did the exam took x-rays and set up a return visit to give me her results.
When I returned she acted as if I hadn’t reported Attempted Murder; as if she couldn’t see the scares and lumps staring her in the face.

She explained that there’s light passing thought the bone in the x rays. She recommended taking a piece of bone out of my back and my rib to test for a disease that causes bone density loss. She mentioned that it it’s a painful and expensive test.

When I reminded her the reason for the visit was to record the crime and determine if it’s the weapon that caused the injury.  I showed her the pictures again and reminded her that on the first visit she said it’s obvious. She agreed that said it was obvious, but added, “I can’t do that, that’s not my area of expertise.” I said, “Fine, you are my PCP please refer me to someone who can.”

She said, “The lawyers said I don’t have to do that.” I said, “What do lawyers have to do with this?” Then when I reminded her of her hypocritical oath and that I came to her in need of Help. She said, “No-one will help you in this county, you have to go to LA. I said, “L.A.?” She said, “Ya I’m referring you to UCLA.” Then she walked out.

Will You Please stop these corporate criminals from hurting my children?

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